The fifth and final partner meeting 25-26.09.2019

The fifth and final partner meeting took place in Newcastle in September 2019.
The meeting provided an opportunity to: review feedback from businesses and organisations in testing Curiocity; review the final learning materials developed within each of the four intellectual outputs to identify any outstanding actions; and discuss plans for use of the key outcomes from the project in the near-term future, as a way of enhancing its impact.


Coopin Short term joint staff training event 05-07.03.2019

On 5th, 6th and 7th March #ISQ (Portugal) hosted the COOPIN SHORT TERM JOINT STAFF TRAINING EVENT, a three days training event for #COOPIN internal staff.  The aim of this intensive workshop was testing the outputs: IO2 - Serious Game, IO3- The offline Training Kit and IO4 - Assesment Tool for Social Innovation. After this testing period, partners were ready for the piloting phase, at national level.
1st day of the COOPIN Capacity Building Session. It was a funny and engaging morning at #ISQ with a warm-up activity. The afternoon was dedicated to COOPIN "serious game," where players can discover more about Social Innovation going through the challenges created by the "Curioucity".

2nd and 3rd days were dedicated to test the offline exercises – innovative exercises and methods to be delivered by the Coopin trainers in-class. The last activity was all about IO4 and the Assessment Tool to measure the impact of Social Innovation under five pillars.

The balance of the three day training event was very positive and trainers felt much more prepared to deliver the Coopin training.


Fourth partner meeting 08-09.11.2018

Our project, COOP-IN (Social Innovation Training for Virtual Work-Based Learning) held its fourth partner meeting in Nicosia, Cyprus. During the meeting, which took place between the 8th and 9th of November, the partners discussed the project's progress and its next steps forward.  The meeting focused on the social innovation training course and online educational game that will be developed to support virtual work-based learning. The game, which is expected to be released in March 2019, will take place in a city and involve several mini-games, or tasks, which will encourage the player to talk with different people, solve problems and contribute in the improvement of the performance of various enterprises.  Stay tuned for updates on our work.


Third partner meeting   24-25.05.2018

In May 2018, the project partners assembled in Trim, Ireland. The main topics were: the modules (based on the needs analyses), the rules, aspects, and the main structure of the online serious game.


Second trilateral partner meeting   26-27.04.2018

The second trilateral partner (SFEDI, ISQ, TREBAG) meeting was held in Budapest. The meeting provided an opportunity to reflect on the outcomes from the needs analysis and agree a set of key principles for the development of the training toolkit and the framework for the serious online game.




First partner meeting   23-24.11.2017

In November 2017, seven Erasmus+ partners assembled in Santander, Spain for the first of a series of meetings to develop and implement an exciting new project about the use of social innovation in work-based learning.
Lead by Leigh Sear, Chief Executive of the Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative Limited (SFEDI), partners set out their plans to develop a social innovation toolkit, a game-based learning platform  supported by a self-assessment tool and a blended learning course.