Making a difference through social innovation.

Due to changes in the economic environment, demographic change and greater socio-cultural diversity, businesses and organisations are facing a number of challenges and opportunities in effectively managing their day-to-day operations and strategic direction and development.  For example, demographic change is leading to greater age diversity within the workforce of the majority of businesses, where there are now the needs and values of three or four different generations of people to manage.  Similarly, socio-cultural diversity is increasing with the greater movement of people. In turn, this creates a set of different learning and skills development needs and generates the need for innovative responses from external providers of education and training, both in terms of content and methods of delivery.


The project will achieve these aims and objectives by developing:

  • A social innovation training kit including an online serious game
  • An offline training toolkit
  • A training manual
  • A self-assessment tool for social innovation analysis

The overall aim of the project is to raise awareness of the opportunities and challenges in implementing social innovation at work by developing a Social Innovation Training Kit.  

Social innovation is being defined as new strategies, concepts and ideas that organisations can introduce to meet the social needs of different internal and external communities.

The key objectives of this project are to:

  • Analyse the needs of both businesses and the VET community relating to the opportunities and challenges of implementing social innovation at work
  • Support the continuous professional development of VET professionals working with businesses and organisations to implement social innovation
  • Support businesses and organisations in assessing strengths and areas for development in implementing social innovation
  • Provide access to tools for businesses and organisations to assist in implementing social innovation.

COOP-IN is brought to you by a project team from across Europe presented by the following organisations:

  • Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative Ltd (UK)
  • ISQ (PO)
  • Trebag (HU)
  • Documenta (SP)
  • Cardet (CY)
  • Exponential Training and Assessment (UK)
  • Meath Partnership (IR)